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Entermail helps you keep engaged with your customers so you can keep growing your business.


Entermail is an Email Marketing which is an electronic mailing, sent all at once to a large mailing list even one press. This is typically used by marketers who want to send email in a large volume.

They can customize e-mail template design and send an eye-catching email. The purpose of e-mail marketing is send out e-greeting card, advertisements or promotions to their customer or relative.


Why Needs Email Marketing Tool In Your Business?

> Generate quality B2B & B2C Leads

> Create Brand/Business reputation with target audience

> Build reltionship with customer


Source by salesforce - email marketing tool usage statistic

What You Can Do With Entermail (EDM)?


Create Marketing Campaign

Turn your big things to email by using Entermail email template builder, it easy to manage the email template without any programming knowledge required.



Build & Manage Audience

It’s easy to categories & allocation of your huge valuable audience




Marketing Automation

System will automatically send out the campaign message according to the selected client group and time


Why Entermail?

  • Easy, Instant & Cost Saving

    Easily complete the promotional campaign just a low manpower & low time cost.

  • E-mail Templates & Layout DIY

    You can DIY your email message template by using our system module of WYSWYG tool.

  • One Click Button Thousands Send

    Just one clicked send button, thousand of e-mails will be sent out to all the receivers.

  • Client Database Management

    Unlimited to create a email group and easy to do the patch email entry by excel file or note pad file.

  • Low Spam, More Reliable

    It reduces the chance of sending e-mail treated as spam mail at receiver mail box.

  • E-mail Send Status Report

    System will auto generated report for send status & click-through.

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