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Email is our prime mode of communication, 90% of business people are using email as primary channel of business communication up to 4 to 5 hours daily. While 72% of ordinary people prefer to receive promotional and business content through email medium.


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Email Usages Facts

  • 94%
    Internet users use email daily
  • 55%
    of marketer received their best ROI from email campaign
  • 85%
    retailers use email marketing for customer acquisition
  • 66%
    all emails in the are opened on mobile devices

Overview 2nd

Based on the facts we have, email marketing tool is most efficient and effective way for both business communication of engagement and customer retention.  On top of that, email marketing may involves tons of email, a right tool is very crucial to manage and simplify them.


As a result, this is why Entermail was built at the first place, in order to resolve the difficulties of email marketing that most business marketers are facing now. Get it right and use it right, start to experience the Entermail for email for marketing now!


Entermail campaign application





Do it all with EnterMail...

  • Services/products promotion
  • Product launching
  • Event invitation/promotion
  • Workshop promotion
  • Maintenance service reminder
  • Remarketing with existing customers
  • News update for members
  • Corporate announcement

Entermail Features

  • User-Friendly System

    The entermail EDM system are using by trendy & popular interface, easily build campaign, managed and operated in minutes.

  • Email Template Creator

    Creating an email message template for your sales campaign as many as you needs.

  • Email Personalization Manager

    Bring your email content to the right audience to gain sales interest. Plus, easy to know your customers interest thorough the email topic manager.

  • Email Data Management

    Unlimited email account insertion as well as email group creation.

  • Email Message Scheduler

    Put your marketing campaign on automated with scheduled & targeted audience

  • Emailing Tracking Report

    Easily to understand all email marketing campaign who's receiving, reading & clicking your emails, also know customer interests.

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